Monday, February 18, 2019

Photo 2 Week 8 Homework - Documenting Life

This week, we explored the idea of professionals imparting their knowledge unto people thinking they may dive into photography as a career. The hope was to generate some thoughts, breaks some previous assumptions, and think about ourselves as photographers.

We first watched this video:

We then read this article. 10 Things I wish I Knew Before Starting Photography. Student then took everything they watched and read and filled out a PMI chart thinking about the "Pluses", "Minuses" and what they found "Interesting" about being a photographer. This was the first time we did this chart and it was definitely inspired by Matt Miller and his Ditch That Textbook website where he shares incredible tools and ideas that he and others have thought of. In the past, I have always created worksheets that were not taken seriously. The level of writing and depth of knowledge included in their responses were incredible. Extremely proud of them for doing this exercise and thinking through their thoughts to formulate their thoughts. 

This week students are taking 5 images documenting life around you and using the video and article to inspire them. 

Photo 1 Week 7 Homework - Compositions

Students explored Composition further by breaking down the thoughts from other photographers.

Students started the lesson by opening this link and filling in what they could before watching the video and reading the article. 

Students then read, 20 Composition Techniques that will Improve your Photos. After watching the video and reading the article, students finished the Google Drawing they began at the beginning of the lesson. 

I think taking the time to look at Composition and grow from the foundation we explored in class in hopes seeing new ideas or the same ideas explained by someone other than me might make things "click". Whatever it takes to help students create the best photographs. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Photo 2 Homework: Week 6 - Ethics

This week, Photo 2 students learned a brief introduction into the use of Ethics in Photography. With the use of technology to edit and manipulate photographs, what determines how much editing is okay pending on the purpose the photograph is being used for. Check out the video and article the students explored below. 

We then read, Ethics in Photo Editng. Do you have any thoughts on how much photo editing is too much? 

Student Homework Winners by Class: 

1st Period

Collette Plue

Madison Horvath

4th Period

Kylie Ridenour

Ryker Kuntz

Andy Crail

Sam Ellsworth

G Ruch

Rorie Reisner

Looking forward to seeing which two of all the photography classes rises to the top. 

Photo I Homework: Week 6 - Reflections

This week, Photo I students learned about using reflections in their Photography. One of the goals of Photography class is to train our eyes to see beauty in things we would not initially look for. We watched the video below.

We then read, 9 Tips For Taking Spectacular Reflection iPhone Photos. We did not complete an assignment with this video and article due to be on an altered schedule for two-hour delays. 

Students winners for Photo I:

Connor Hurt

Logan Taylor

Congratulations to these photographers. I think we can all say we are looking forward to seeing who of all of the photography classes rises to the top.